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Bright Future specializes in guiding students through the process of crafting exceptional college admissions essays, which have earned applicants acceptance to top-tier colleges and universities including Pomona, MIT, Johns Hopkins, Yale, Stanford, UPenn, USC, Harvard, UC Berkeley, UCLA and more.

Are you struggling with your college admissions essay?
Do you want to get into a top-tier college or university? Bright Future can help. As an experienced educational consultant, I specialize in guiding students through the process of crafting exceptional college admissions essays that are sure to impress admissions committees. Schedule a complimentary consultation today and take the stress out of the application process so you can focus on your academic success.

Services offered:

  • Free initial consultation

  • Comprehensive college admissions counseling services

  • Common, Universal, Coalition and UC application essay guidance

  • Graduate-level personal statements

  • Scholarship, internship and fellowship application essays


"Helena offers a truly distinctive and wholistic approach. Her ability to draw out my authenticity to craft highly compelling narratives is a truly special talent. She helped me get admitted to schools like USC, UC Berkeley, UC San Diego, and Pomona, as well as receive a scholarship for more than $100,000!"

~ Cameron Lavine


"When I first started my college application process, I was lost when trying to write my personal essay. I knew the topic I wanted to write about, but I was unsure how to unleash the deeper story that would tell the college admissions officers who I am and why they should accept me. After I started to work with Helena on my essays, everything started to come together more easily. What I really liked was how, rather than just editing my essay, we read through excerpts from short stories that exemplified the type of writing that embodies effective and compelling storytelling. After our first session, I felt more on track and was able to produce an essay that was significantly better than what I thought was my “final draft.” I am now a second-year student in Wharton at the University of Pennsylvania and I also got into other institutions like Boston University and Northeastern. Thanks to Helena’s help I am studying where I am today. I am so grateful that she was there to guide me through the writing process!"
~ Cassidy Casabona

"Helena was very kind and open about what Beinecke had to offer as a fellowship when I didn’t quite understand the perks. She was eager to make herself available. Our conversations clarified the impact that Beinecke’s financial resources could have and how I should approach my essay for the application. Most of all, I came out of the application process being able to call Helena a friend and colleague."

~ Kory Gaines, 2020 Beinecke Fellow

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